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Artisan Custom Homes is committed to creating a positive home building experience for its customers. We do this by taking an innovative approach to home building and providing superior customer service.


Customer involvement encouraged

At Artisan, we understand that to achieve success, we must exceed our customers' expectations. We strongly value our relationships with our clients and are dedicated to making their dream house a home. For this reason, Artisan not only welcomes customers to be involved in every step of the home building process, we encourage it. We want to hear what our customers have to say. We believe that open, two-way communication and customer involvement allow us to meet each of our home owners individual tailored needs.

Customers work directly with Artisan's founders

Unlike other builders who use a larger team approach to building homes, Artisan's founders work directly with homebuyers. Our customers have access to Jay Johnstone and John Shryock 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all their home building needs. For Jay and John, building a house isn't just about building a home; it is about pleasing their customers. And, since customers do work directly with the founders, there is reduced miscommunication and, therefore, greater satisfaction with the end result.

Superior quality

We strive to build quality, unique high-end homes. However, we understand that quality must be crafted. We pay close attention to the details that make a difference - floor plan flow, room functionality, best use of outdoor space and meeting storage needs. Cutting corners is not a practice at Artisan. From the foundation up, we use the highest quality materials and industry-leading technology. Since we are confident in our workmanship and know our customers will be too, we are proud to offer a competitive one-year workmanship and six-year structural warranty.








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